Optimizing System​

​At construction sites it is not always easy to get grid connected, and electricity is often provided by deploying noisy and fuel consuming generators. When fuel is plenty and cheap this can well be the easiest way to feed the power consumers. 

In remote areas where fuel is difficult or expensive to access, or in situations where you appreciate the silence of solar power, we can recommend considering the SolarDrive Container Power Unit as a supplement for the noisy and polluting generators.

​With up to 6000 Wp per unit, the container power unit will be able to reduce the generator use (and the noise as well) to a minimum. And the placement on top of the already present ISO containers ensures that none of the available space is wasted at the construction site.

Furthermore the transportation to and from the construction site can take place with the solar power units locked securely on top of the ordinary containers, or in stacks of 5 or 6 units offering the possibility for transportation of 12 x 20’ units on a single trailer.


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