In General​

​In any situation where electric power is needed for an ISO container you must consider the best way to provide the demanded power.

The SolarDrive Container Power Unit might be the answer. The main advantages and considerations are listed below:


  • Noiseless
  • Maintenance-free (except for cleaning as needed)
  • Easy handling and transportation
  • Long life
  • Fuel savings every day
  • No footprint - goes on top of existing ISO container
  • Climate friendly


  • Higher initial investment compared to traditional fuel generator
  • Batteries are generally heavy and expensive, making the right choice of type and capacity important
  • Consumption pattern may affect Return On Investment calculations - especially when compared to grid power

​Calculation service: It is important to do your homework. We have developed a basic cost/benefit calculation chart that can help you get started. Please contact our sales agent or main office for more information.


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