A Helping Hand​

Helping people in distress and saving threatened lives are the main goals for all the relief aid organizations of the world. Whenever we face a disaster intelligent use of skills and tools are required. Some efforts will be planned months ahead from an evolving situation. Others must begin immediately after a shocking catastrophe. Some efforts will take weeks, others will continue for years. Some will occur in developed countries, some not. Sometimes the weather is freezing, sometimes hot.​​

Conditions from one effort to another will differ tremendously and so will the demand for tools including the crucial power sources.

The SolarDrive Container Power Unit will not be the perfect answer to the power needs in any situation. We will claim, however, that our solar power unit under the right circumstances will be an efficient and simple replacement for noisy fossil fuel generators


The cost-benefit calculation includes a line of variables to be considered:

  • Amount of electric power needed
  • Cost and availability of fuel or grid power
  • Transportation time and cost
  • Expected time frame for the specific relief effort
  • Expected weather conditions in the location
  • Etc…


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