Safety ​Advantages

​Various degrees of cooling and protection of goods commonly create a serious demand for a stable electricity supply. In ISO container systems the electricity is generally provided by internal or external fuel burning generators. Where the fossil fuel is easily accessible and not too expensive this is the sure and logic choice.

However, where the generator noise is undesirable or the economic horizon is somewhat longer, the SolarDrive Container Power Unit may offer a clever replacement or a valuable supplement to the traditional generator.

Everybody knows that solar power is nice and clean but also expensive and unreliable. We will not try to deny the facts. But we will encourage you to consider the new possibilities, combined reliability and ease of use, offered in the SolarDrive systems.

​We are convinced that our product can contribute positively to your business as well as your environmental consciousness.


  • Weight/Height
  • Load and size limitations
  • Fuel price and availability
  • Autonomous operation
  • Consumption pattern


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