​Typical CO2 savings for one 20’ container unit star

​Washington: 7,000 - 22,000 lbs per year

Afghanistan: 9,000 - 28,000 lbs per year
Djibouti: 10,000 - 32,000 lbs per year

To achieve the same level of CO2 reduction
planting trees instead would require up to 1600 trees. star star

​To put this in context, a camp or building site with 80 containers would have to establish a small forest consisting of up to 128,000 trees covering several acres to achieve the same carbon emission savings that can be achieved by equipping the containers with SolarDrive power units.

Furthermore most of the CO2 absorbed by trees will be released and returned to the atmosphere when the trees eventually die or burn. In comparison the CO2 saved by a SolarDrive Container Power Unit is PERMANENT!

IMPORTANT: Do not let the calculation above stop you from planting trees! On top of the CO2 benefits, they are extremely valuable in many other aspects.



star For more accurate calculations please consult SolarDrive Impact Charts or contact us.

star star Depending on climate zone, soil character and tree sort the typical CO2 sequestration
amounts to 20 - 80 lbs. per tree per year.
Ref.: www.carbonfootprint.com/plantingtrees, www.fs.fed.us/ccrc/topics/urban-forests (calculator)

The expected CO2 payback time for silicon based solar systems is 1 - 3 years depending on
place of deployment. Expected lifetime for silicon solar panels are typically over 25 years.
Ref.: Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles, Environmental Science &Technology, Vol. 42, no. 6.


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