Customized Units​

​The SolarDrive Container Power Unit comes in many configurations and can be tailored for specific purposes – all based on our patented key features. 

For an overview of versions, the product details and the technical specifications please follow the links in the submenu.

The photos on the current page represent examples of units we have made for different purposes and customers.

20’ standard 3-phase, 208 V/60 Hz unit (delivered to the US Army)

20’ unit closed for transport

Tricon (6.5’) standard, 120 V/60 Hz unit, closed for transport (delivered to the US Army)

10’ standard 230 V/50 Hz unit (delivered to the Danish Army)

A tailored 10’, 230 V/50 Hz unit for the Danish Army

Control panel on a 6.5’ one phase 120V/60 Hz unit

The MATE control unit offers great overview on in- and outgoing power as well as flexible programming for specific deployments.

The units can be interconnected vertically or horizontally using standard ISO container locking systems.


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