Danish Container Company​

​SolarDrive Container Power is a Danish based company specialized in mobile solar systems with a specific focus on ISO containers. This container type is widely used for a lot of different purposes. Several deployments are interlinked with a demand for electricity, and starting a fossil fuelled generator is a common way to meet the power demand. In many cases this solution will be both noisy and expensive. Our power units can help reduce the use of fossil fuelled generators or in some cases even replace them completely.

SolarDrive Container Power was established in 2012 as a sister company to SolarDrive who develops and market solar systems for electric cars. The shareholders behind SolarDrive Container Power are Borean (a Danish investment fund), Nordic Asiatic and Suntrail. The group has strong experience in business and engineering. The deep knowledge in solar systems goes back more than two decades.

​Since the beginning in the early nineties several technologically advanced products have been developed.

Based on an estimated number of 20 million ISO containers in the world today we decided separating the container focus into a company of its own. This decision has opened the company for investors sharing the more specific focus on the container business.

Financial investors looking for a sound investment or potential partners looking for a visionary collaboration are welcome.​


​Sondrupvej 49 8350 Hundslund, Denmark​​

Telephone - Number: (+45) 70 20 19 89​​​

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