Consulting Support​

​Independent of our physical products or in combination we offer a range of consulting services within solar products and solar systems. Based on many years of financial and engineerical experience within the PV solar business our team can provide you with professional support in the following fields:

  • Customized product development
  • Impact analyses
  • Cost benefit calculations
  • Combining solar and other power sources
  • Project planning
  • Testing

​We can assist you with plant sizing and power estimates for any location and we can produce financial and environmental calculations for your investment to help convince investors or public authorities. We can help you to design an optimal system combining sustainable and non-sustainable sources.

When you face a special challenge or just grapple with a good idea for a new solar product our team of engineers will be available for assistance. We have the technical insight to tackle the challenges and the design skills to make a good idea better.

Obviously we cannot promise to solve any challenge you may have, but we sure want to listen - and give it a try when regarded reasonable.

We can assist you for an hourly rate or for a fixed fee.


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Telephone - Number: (+45) 70 20 19 89​​​

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