Impact analyses

​The practical effect of a solar cell system is obviously closely related to the local conditions where the system is deployed. With access to the NASA meteorological database we can derive the expected available solar insolation in any specific area. Combining this knowledge with a list of other critical information we can provide a fairly reliable prediction for the expected power output for a specific solar plant anywhere in the world. This information will provide the underlying basis for the economic analysis.

Cost benefit calculations

​The economic analysis and break-even calculations are based on the investment sum, the expected power production, the cost of available alternative power sources, the possible income from power sales, the expected development in power prices, the expected maintenance costs, salvage value, interest rates etc. etc.

We have the tools and the experience to assist in these crucial calculations.

​​Combining solar and other power sources

​In critical applications or in areas with unstable solar insolation combining solar power with other power sources may be the only reasonable decision. We can help calculating the right combination and capacities of solar panels, batteries, generators, wind turbines, grid support etc. to secure the best performance and investment based on your requirements and preferences. 

Project planning

​Projects involving sustainable energy sources can be complicated. Let us help you to reach your target within time and achieve the desired results.


​If you have invested in solar products or solar power systems already or you consider doing it, we can test if the systems delivers or will deliver as expected.


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